I’m a Lover of Words pt. 2

As stated in my last “I’m a Lover of Words” blog post (to read it click here) I absolutely love words and their meanings. I have decided to make this an monthly thing and give you 10(+) new words each month. Some times the words may have themes or come from the same language, and sometimes they will just be random.

For part of my birthday present, a little while ago, my friend wrote down some words and gave this list to me.

Here are 13 words that you may or may not know. (Comment down below your favorite word out of these 13.)

Dilettante- a lover or dabbler of the Arts.

Mudita- vicarios joy, happiness for someone else’s happiness.

CODA- a conclusion to a work of music.

Anodyne- something that comforts.

Dirge- a slow, mournful piece of music.

Abyssopelagoc- pertaining to the depths of the oceans.

Catachresis- the incorrect use of a word or phrase.

Effervescence- liveliness, enthusiasm, vitality of life.

Guffaw- a hearty burst of laughter.

Iridescent- colorful in effect or apperance.

Kismet- Serendipitous, a happy coincidence.

Panacea- cure-all, remedy for everything.

Plethora- an excessive amount of something.


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