My Summer Bucket-List

I finished my finals a week ago and am now on Summer Break! What should I do? I decided to create a summer bucket-list. So here is 25 things I want to do this summer.

  1. Go out of the country
  2. Go camping with friends
  3. Water War
  4. Paint War
  5. Go to a Summer Camp
  6. Sing around a campfire
  7. Go Fishing
  8. Photo-shoot in a field of flowers
  9. Learn how to longboard
  10. Hike up to a Waterfall
  11. Lake Day
  12. Mud Fight
  13. Rope swing into water
  14. Go White Water Rafting
  15. Hike a 14-er
  16. Volunteer
  17. Go to a Summer Festival
  18. Drive-In Movies
  19. Dye my hair a crazy color
  20. Get good at playing my ukulele
  21. Mother-Daughter Dates
  22. Make Money
  23. Family Vacation
  24. Road trip
  25. Get a Henna Tattoo

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