Autumn is on the Horizon

I love all of the seasons! I love the white, snowy winters (especially in Colorado)! I love the budding flowers in spring and the beautifully, bright summer days! But Autumn has a special place in my heart. I may not like what it brings with it a.k.a school, but the changing of the colors is one of my favorite things. The crisp, cool autumn breeze and the leaves fluttering and dancing about is just beautiful!

IMG_9148 IMG_9271

I love how God works! He uses stories/parables, metaphors, and experiences to show us different things. God takes a simple thing like the seasons and or the sunset and makes it represent something. This is what I feel like Autumn represents…

Our lives go through seasons; we have still and quiet times, chaotic times, times of rebirth and rejuvenation, difficult times, times of change, and times where we feel like we are falling apart. Autumn is a time of change, it is a time the prepares for the rebirth (spring). You may not want to go through that season of winter, but sometimes that season is what prepares us for the future and makes us stronger. There have been many seasons in my life that were hard, but those seasons molded me and ultimately gave me that passion for Christ that I now have. Winter would represent those hard difficult seasons, but autumn represents that preparation period or that time of change. So whatever season of life you are in (season of change, season of rebirth, season of stillness and emptiness, or season of bliss) know that there will always be different season, but they are all good for us. Just focus on God through all the changes in the seasons and you will be good!

IMG_9573 Mountains

So happy last day of summer! And Hello to Fall! 

35eaaec07accbf8a875ed9ec72f39e24       fall


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