I’m a Lover of Words | September

Hey! So it is fall, the most wonderful time of the year; comfy sweaters , fireplaces, hot tea, and beautiful colors all around us. In honor of fall and it’s beauty I wanted to pick descriptive words this month, since there are so many things that we can describe. We can describe smells, colors, touch, emotions, etc… So hope you enjoy!

Numinous (adj.) Describing and experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated , awed yet attracted- the powerful, personal experience of being overwhelmed and inspired. (origin: English)

Iridescent (adj.) producing a display of rainbow-like colors (origin: English)

Sonorous (adj.) an imposingly deep and full sound (origin: English)

Insouciant (adj.) free from worry, concern, or anxiety

Cordiform (adj.) heart-shaped

Silvicultrix (adj.) living in the forest

Foudrouant (adj.) dazzling, stunning in effect

Recherche (adj.) carefully chose, rare, or exotic

Verklempt (adj.) completely overcome with emotion

Marcid (adj.) withered, incredibly exhausted

Eesome (adj.) pleasing to the eye

Aesthete (adj.) someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature

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There are so many cool words and it is so hard to just pick only a few! I came across this cool post on Pinterest and wanted to share this with you guys along-side this September’s post.

16 Luscious Italian Words and Phrases You Need in Your Life

Your Welcome 🙂

Hope you liked it and If you want, I would love if you commented which word was your favorite this month!

Also, be free to give suggestions and get your favorite odd and unique word featured next month!


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