The Fear of Others Opinion’s

Monophobia (n.) – the fear of being alone.

Gelotophobia (n.) – the fear of being made fun of.

Athazagoraphobia (n.) –the fear of being forgotten.

To some extent, I think we all have these fears. We focus to much on what others think of us and we make it our identity. I know I have had thoughts like, “If I do this, will they hate me?” or “Is my existence useless? Will I just be forgotten?” We are scared of being alone, scared of being forgotten, and scared about what others think of us. We focus to much on this and not enough on the only opinion that matters; God’s.

What does God think? Who does God SAY THAT I AM? There are so many verses in the Bible that tell us who God says that we are. Don’t let what others think about you shape your perception of yourself. The only opinion that matters is the opinion of the one who created you. HE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE, and He is madly IN LOVE with you. THAT is the only opinion that matters. Don’t put your identity in others perception of you and instead put it the unchanging, steady, eternal love of the Father.




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