Camping Adventures

I just got back from Camping with my best friends and it was the greatest thing ever! We drove out to secluded camping areas, hiked to waterfalls, roughed it, and grew even closer. We did everything, from dancing to music early in the morning while waiting for coffee to scrambling up to the top of […]


Not About the Numbers

When we think of worship nights, sermons, Christian concerts, etc… we think of many people. My heart is for ministering to other people and leading others into worship, but sometimes I (or we) can get wrapped up in the numbers. How many people raised their hand? How many people came? How many people looked like […]

There is Hope

Hello there! This blog post is going to be kind of difficult for me to write, but I felt like it was something that needed to get out there to help those who went through the same things I did. I should start where most every story starts; the beginning. I grew up in a […]