I’m a Lover of Words | March

This month I wanted to find words with short and simple meanings. I looked around a bit doing “research” (on Pinterest of course) and I found 5 Welsh words I thought you all would enjoy. pila-pala (n.) – butterfly igan-ogam (n.) – zig-zag. cwtch (n.) – a cuddle. bendigedig (adj.) – fantastic. popty ping (n.) […]

I’m a Lover of Words | Catching Up

4 Words per Month, to catch up on the monthly “I’m a Lover of Words” October taarradhin (n.)a compromise where everyone wins quaintrelle (n.)a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. habseligkeiten (n.)things that an adult might find worthless,but that a child regards […]

15 Best Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a place I spend lots of my time. I absolutely love photography and the community Instagram has formed uniting that common love. I definitely have more than 15 favorite Instagram accounts, but these 15 really stand out to me. I also tried to pick different types of photographers and accounts: including street photographers, […]

Day by Day

Little by little it gets better. Day by day you get stronger. Minute by minute you get closer. Hour by hour you grow deeper. Every second spent with God grows you, strengthens you, and heals you. I was a broken shattered person, but time with God mended me and each day I got better. I […]