I’m a Lover of Words | May

Summer and long adventures in the mountains (Colorado) are here!  I just want to be in nature so in the spirit of the coming adventures, here are 7 words pertaining to nature.

gokotta (n.) lit. “dawn picnic to hear the first birdsong”; the act of rising in the early morning to watch the birds or to go outside to appreciate nature.

hoppipolla (phr.)(v.) jumping into puddles

sirimiri (n.) a light rain, a fine drizzle

glaucous (adj.) frosted; pale bluish-grey, like morning fog

advesperascit (v.) the approaching dark; the evening draws near

mistpouffer (n.) a mysterious sound heard over the ocean in quiet, foggy weather

offing (n.) the deep,distant stretch of the ocean that is still visible from the land; the foreseeable future.

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I’m a Lover of Words | April

It has officially been a year since the 1st I’m a Lover of Words last April! What?! Time flies by so fast!

I was thinking about what theme to have for this month and I decided that I wanted to turn around last month’s theme (shorter words/definitions)  and give you guys a couple of  longer words and/or definitions. Here are a few I found:

natsukashii (adj.) suddenly, euphorically nostalgic, triggered by experiencing something for the first time in years.

erlebnisse (n.) the experience, positive or negative, that we feel most deeply, and through which we truly live; not mere experiences, but Experiences.

advesperascit (v.) the approaching dark; the evening draws near.

ichariba chode (phr.) “though we meet but once, even by chance, we are friends for life.”

tintinnabulation (n.) the sound “that so musically wells from belles,bells,bells”; the sound that lingers after a bell has been struck.

hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (n.) the fear of long words

esprit d’escalier (n.) the witty comeback you think of after the time is past to use it.

librocubicularist (n.) a person who reads in bed.


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Azusa Pacific Road Trip | Days 3-5

My Dad and I traveled out to Azusa, California to visit my #1 top choice for college (Days 1-3, March 16th to March 18th). Days 1 through 3 consisted on driving to California from Colorado and then touring the APU campus. We decided to take our time on the way back and “road trip it”, going through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.



Thousand Steps Beach- Even though Thousand Steps Beach is located 4 miles from Laguna Beach (a very popular tourist beach) it is unknown by most people. This beach is one that only the locals know about (and for good reason). The peaceful serenity that is hidden by the towering cliffs is truly magnificent. The entrance to this beach is hidden between two homes; we easily drove past it the first time. Parking was difficult, but I would suggest parking anywhere from 8th-10th street (it is on 9th street). We walked up to the entrance and looked down on hundreds of steps. The name may suggest that there is 1000 steps, but there is actually only 218 (my dad counted).  (This picture was taken 4/5th of the way down)

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

We came close to sunset, so the beach was just magnificent. The waves came up to just the right level and the lighting was perfectly golden. We walked down the beach, feeling the sand on our bare feet and looked out at the local surfers. We headed down the beach to the left toward the beach caves. It was absolutely breath-taking.


The next day we got on the road and headed towards Las Vegas (or more specific, Boulder City). Then we hung out with family friends for a while, talking and laughing. We left in the afternoon and then headed toward Zion National Park.

Zion National Park: We stopped in St. George, Utah at Chick-fil-a and we talked to some locals. It was spring break, so we knew that all the hotels and camping spots would be taken near Zion. The local told us about BLM land right outside Zion National Park.


The road that leads into ZNP goes through a few different towns. Before you get to Springdale (one of the main towns), you go through a small town called Rockville. There you turn off on a neighborhood road that turns into a dirt road. You continue up Eagle Crags Road until you see a hiking spot and a loop of camping spots. It is an absolutely beautiful place to camp and not known by many people. Even though it was spring break. we only saw one other group up there.

Important Info: You will see many signs that say no camping and such, don’t let those scare you off. Just continue up the mountain and you will hit BLM land.

rockville map

We woke up and went on a long hike up the canyon.  We ended up on a ledge looking over Zion National Park and it was magnificent. We then got on the main road wanting to go through Zion, but there was so much traffic that we decided to go around. We then drove to Page, Arizona.

Horseshoe Bend (Page, Arizona): We got to Horseshoe Bend right before sunset and we hiked the simple 1 mile hike toward the cliff. There were so many people (again…spring break), but it still didn’t take away from the beauty of the area.

We then looked for a hotel, but everything was either booked or expensive. We ended up at a Motel 6….and that was a whole other experience.

This was a longer road trip and we stopped at too many stops for just one blog post. It is for this reason that I decided to break the two up into 2 blog posts. (Days 3-5, and Days 6-7)

Travel Dates: March 16, 2016 through March 22, 2016




I’m a Lover of Words | March

This month I wanted to find words with short and simple meanings. I looked around a bit doing “research” (on Pinterest of course) and I found 5 Welsh words I thought you all would enjoy.

pila-pala (n.) – butterfly

igan-ogam (n.) – zig-zag.

cwtch (n.) – a cuddle.

bendigedig (adj.) – fantastic.

popty ping (n.) – slang term for microwave.

Short. Simple. Fun. and Straight to the Point.

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The Fear of Others Opinion’s

Monophobia (n.) – the fear of being alone.

Gelotophobia (n.) – the fear of being made fun of.

Athazagoraphobia (n.) –the fear of being forgotten.

To some extent, I think we all have these fears. We focus to much on what others think of us and we make it our identity. I know I have had thoughts like, “If I do this, will they hate me?” or “Is my existence useless? Will I just be forgotten?” We are scared of being alone, scared of being forgotten, and scared about what others think of us. We focus to much on this and not enough on the only opinion that matters; God’s.

What does God think? Who does God SAY THAT I AM? There are so many verses in the Bible that tell us who God says that we are. Don’t let what others think about you shape your perception of yourself. The only opinion that matters is the opinion of the one who created you. HE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE, and He is madly IN LOVE with you. THAT is the only opinion that matters. Don’t put your identity in others perception of you and instead put it the unchanging, steady, eternal love of the Father.



I’m a Lover of Words | January + February 

This cold January winter has been making my heart yearn for travel and specifically traveling to ….Scandinavia. In honor of one of (if not the) best places in the entire world, January will consist of a couple words that we should definitely add to the English language. (We just need to learn how to pronounce them correctly first.)

1. Radljóst (Icelandic) :when there is enought light in a place for you to find your way around.

2. Forelsket (Norwegian) (n.):the euphoria you feel when you start falling in love with someone.

3. Gluggavedur (Icelandic) :literally “window weather”- the type of weather that is best appreciated indoors.

4. Arbejdsglaede (Danish) (n.) :when your work is a source of joy and happiness.

5. Fika (Swedish) (n.) :a coffee break between friends or colleagues, often accompanied by pastries.

February is the month where love is on everyone’s mind. In honor of February and more specifically Valentine’s Day, February’s words will be about love

1. Saudade (sf. Portuguese) :the feeling of longing for something or someone you love of lost.

2. Kistmet (Old Turkish) :fate, destiny.

3. Cafuné (Portuguese) :running your fingers through the hair of someone you love.

4. Thantophobia (n.) :the fear of losing someone you love.

5. Redamancy (n.) :the act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full.

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I’m a Lover of Words | Catching Up

4 Words per Month, to catch up on the monthly “I’m a Lover of Words”


taarradhin (n.)a compromise where everyone wins

quaintrelle (n.)a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style,
leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures.

habseligkeiten (n.)things that an adult might find worthless,but that a child regards as treasures.

qualtagh (n.)the first person you meet on a special day.
noctuary (n.)the record of a single night’s events, thoughts, or dreams.


venters: (n.) what the wind or tide drive-in from the ocean upon a wave.

paralian: (n.)one who lives by the sea.

abyssopelagic (adj.)like or pertaining to the depths of the sea.

mistpouffer (n.)the mysterious sound heard over the ocean in quiet, foggy weather.


espirit d’escalier (n.) the witty comeback you think of after the time is past to use it.

boketto (n.) the act of gazing vacantly into the distance without thinking.

lethologica (n.) when you can’t think of a word for something.

livsnjutare (n.) one who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme.

To my Best Friend

Happy 17th Birthday Rachel! I love you so much! You are such a blessing and such an amazing light to the world! I am so ecstatic to see how God is going to use you in this next year! It is going to amazing!

To my Best Friend, 

To the one who makes me smile,

day in and day out.

To the one who keeps me laughing,

when I just want to pout.

To the one who brings joy, deep into my heart.

To the one who I call sister and I never wish to depart.

To the one I share my secrets with.

To the one who gives long hugs.

To my very Best Friend.

I wish you a Happy Birthday with all my love.




15 Best Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a place I spend lots of my time. I absolutely love photography and the community Instagram has formed uniting that common love. I definitely have more than 15 favorite Instagram accounts, but these 15 really stand out to me. I also tried to pick different types of photographers and accounts: including street photographers, astrophotographers, artists, travelers, families, etc… I hope you enjoy reading my Top 15 Instagram Accounts.

@matt_kuma -He is an amazing photographer who focuses on (but isn’t limited to) astrophotography.

ig 1

@ioegreer -He is one of my favorite instagramers. He shoots mostly outdoors photos and recently married @maddiegreer in Iceland. He has started doing some amazing street photography as well.

ig 2

@robstrok -Rob Strok and his girlfriend @alliemtaylor (who also has an amazing Instagram) are adventurers who capture the beauty of nature, usually in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) area.

ig 3

@violetodnoralov – Her feed 😍 The way she looks at life and captures it is just beautiful.

ig 4

@happilygrey -The aesthetic of her feed is perfection…need I say more.


 @alexandra.marye -I love the consistent horizontal pictures and the Tumblr vibe her Instagram has.


@newdarlings -This adorable couple captures their life using the camera. This husband and wife in Phoenix, Arizona are literally relationship goals.

ig 7

@zoelaz -My personal overall favorite Instagram is that of Zoe. Her travel lifestyle, her fashion sense, even down the grain she puts on her photos, it is all just perfect.

ig 8

@corycrawford -Another PNW photographer. My favorite photos he does are wedding photos, but he also excels at nature photography.


@ryanmiller – He has sick street photography, he mostly works with city life in his photos, but sometimes also includes nature shots. He blends the two in a way that works with the aesthetic of his feed.


@jodimokabee – Loving homeschooler mother of 7. See the adventures of motherhood through her blog and her Instagram.


@stellamariabaer -This artist is a painter from the southwest of the US. She mostly paints planets and fills her Instagram with them. I love the look of her feed!


@ownthelight – This amazing photographer excels in taking pictures of people and portraits.


@connorfranta -A name you may be familiar with, he has an eye that catches beauty in things most people would pass by.


@brandonwoelfel -I am in love with his style of photography. He really has that Tumblr and Brandy Melville vibe.

ig 11

Also, I may not be one of the best, but I think I have a pretty good Instagram if I do say so myself, so maybe you could check it out as well 😉😘


Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.38.52 PM.png

I’m a Lover of Words | September

Hey! So it is fall, the most wonderful time of the year; comfy sweaters , fireplaces, hot tea, and beautiful colors all around us. In honor of fall and it’s beauty I wanted to pick descriptive words this month, since there are so many things that we can describe. We can describe smells, colors, touch, emotions, etc… So hope you enjoy!

Numinous (adj.) Describing and experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated , awed yet attracted- the powerful, personal experience of being overwhelmed and inspired. (origin: English)

Iridescent (adj.) producing a display of rainbow-like colors (origin: English)

Sonorous (adj.) an imposingly deep and full sound (origin: English)

Insouciant (adj.) free from worry, concern, or anxiety

Cordiform (adj.) heart-shaped

Silvicultrix (adj.) living in the forest

Foudrouant (adj.) dazzling, stunning in effect

Recherche (adj.) carefully chose, rare, or exotic

Verklempt (adj.) completely overcome with emotion

Marcid (adj.) withered, incredibly exhausted

Eesome (adj.) pleasing to the eye

Aesthete (adj.) someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature

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There are so many cool words and it is so hard to just pick only a few! I came across this cool post on Pinterest and wanted to share this with you guys along-side this September’s post.

16 Luscious Italian Words and Phrases You Need in Your Life

Your Welcome 🙂

Hope you liked it and If you want, I would love if you commented which word was your favorite this month!

Also, be free to give suggestions and get your favorite odd and unique word featured next month!

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