I’m a Lover of Words | May

Summer and long adventures in the mountains (Colorado) are here!  I just want to be in nature so in the spirit of the coming adventures, here are 7 words pertaining to nature. gokotta (n.) lit. “dawn picnic to hear the first birdsong”; the act of rising in the early morning to watch the birds or […]

I’m a Lover of Words | April

It has officially been a year since the 1st I’m a Lover of Words last April! What?! Time flies by so fast! I was thinking about what theme to have for this month and I decided that I wanted to turn around last month’s theme (shorter words/definitions)  and give you guys a couple of  longer words […]

The Fear of Others Opinion’s

Monophobia (n.) – the fear of being alone. Gelotophobia (n.) – the fear of being made fun of. Athazagoraphobia (n.) –the fear of being forgotten. To some extent, I think we all have these fears. We focus to much on what others think of us and we make it our identity. I know I have had […]

I’m a Lover of Words | Catching Up

4 Words per Month, to catch up on the monthly “I’m a Lover of Words” October taarradhin (n.)a compromise where everyone wins quaintrelle (n.)a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. habseligkeiten (n.)things that an adult might find worthless,but that a child regards […]

I’m a Lover of Words | September

Hey! So it is fall, the most wonderful time of the year; comfy sweaters , fireplaces, hot tea, and beautiful colors all around us. In honor of fall and it’s beauty I wanted to pick descriptive words this month, since there are so many things that we can describe. We can describe smells, colors, touch, […]

I’m a Lover of Words pt.3

This is June’s “I’m a Lover of Words” Blog Post.  This month I decided to only pick words that can not be translated into english.  Cualacino (Italian) – the mark left on the table by a cold glass. Iktsuarpok (inuit) – the feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if […]