Camping Adventures

I just got back from Camping with my best friends and it was the greatest thing ever! We drove out to secluded camping areas, hiked to waterfalls, roughed it, and grew even closer. We did everything, from dancing to music early in the morning while waiting for coffee to scrambling up to the top of waterfalls. It was an EPIC ADVENTURE. We faced fears, had fun, and our relationships grew stronger.
zach photobomb 1 Waterfall + Me

We had two camping anthems for this trip. One of them was Geronimo by Sheppard and the other anthem was I’m Good by the Mowgli’s (both good songs go listen to them). We also playing music around the campfire. I brought my ukulele and my brother brought his guitar. We sang songs and worshiped around the campfire until it got super late.uke tuninguke playingplaid man flower crown

On our second day we hiked up a waterfall and got to see two pools that we would have swam in if the water hadn’t been too crazy. The water in the river is too high at the moment so it would have been too dangerous to do so.  Still, it was an intense hike/scramble but the view was worth it. On the third day we went white water rafting and then went to a local community outreach center. We were only supposed to tour it but we started to play the piano and worship and the time flew by. By the time we thought to check what the time was, an hour and a half had flown by.

eli and waterfall coffee morning camping 2 camping 1   sam and I This week has been like none other and I loved every single second of it. I am so thankful that we got the opportunity to do this and I would recommend it to anyone who loves adventure. We got the opportunity through a friend of ours who started a camping business. If you want to check out his Facebook page.

More adventures to come! My summer is packed with awesome opportunities and many many more pictures! Until next time!


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