I’m a Lover of Words| July

This month has been super busy, but I can’t forget to do another edition of “I’m a Lover of Words”. This month doesn’t really have a theme, it is just cool words with really awesome definitions. This time I wanted to include them as pictures as well as words.

Nazlanmak (v.) pretending reluctance or indifference when you are actually willing or eager; saying no meaning yes.

word picture 2

Feuillemort (n.) the color of a dying leaf.

Bimyou (n.) (Japanese) not bad or “meh”.

word picture 1

word picture 3

Selenophile (n.) a person who loves the moon.

word pic 4

Monachopsis (n.) the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.

Chimerical (adj.) created by unchecked imagination; fantastically visionary or highly improbable.

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